About OpenMRI

ACR MRIOpenMRI is Centrial Wisconsin's only truly open MRI design.  OpenMRI is owned and operated by Radiology Associates of Wausau.

OpenMRI is certified by the American College of Radiology.  Image quality is assessed regularly by medical phycisists

OpenMRI of Wausau is open on weekends for your convience. 

Why Open?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the most advanced diagnostic imaging study available, and it allows physicians to diagnose conditions that previously could only be identified through surgery. 

However, up to 10% of all MRI exams are canceled because of patient anxiety.

That’s where OpenMRI of Wausau can help. Our OpenMRI offers the highest quality images in the most comfortable setting—with more room than any other MRI system in the area.

Instead of being tube-shaped like most MRI systems, it has open sides to eliminate claustrophobia and size constraints. OpenMRI delivers the clear, detailed images needed to provide you with the very best care, without the anxiety.

 At OpenMRI of Wausau, we are concerned with both the comfort and quality of your care. Since our OpenMRI is located in a clinic, rather than at a hospital, you can avoid the stress and inconvenience of the hospital setting or the possibility of your exam being delayed due to emergency situations.

You also have peace of mind that all OpenMRI exams are performed by a registered MRI technologist. All exams are read by a highly trained radiology physician, with special training in MRI. Your results are sent straight to your referring doctor.  

In addition, OpenMRI of Wausau sets a new standard for OpenMRI in North Central Wisconsin. Our Signa OpenSpeed system quickly captures the highest-quality images. The open design also allows for better centering of the body part in the magnetic field, which increases the clarity and definition of each image.